What is your stance on medication?

Question by Yoyo M: What is your stance on medication?
Yay or nay or eh…?
What other alternative therapies do you believe are beneficial for someone with….whatever they have.
Give me some examples of someone who NEEDS medication and someone who might go without getting another form of treatment?
And what do you think about prescriptions that are handed out almost freely without weighing all the pros and cons and with additional testing that is needed. Do you believe it is up to the patient to do most of the research on what they are taking to properly understand what and how “it” is effecting them, even though the companies don’t even have all of the answers? What fields do you think contradict themselves?

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Answer by azlyn
I am of the opinion that one should be careful with medication. People get to much medication from psychiatrists although some need a portion of it. It’s a tricky business. Some people, like people with mental problems get overdosed or given meds that make them more crazy then they are to start with even though there are some meds that stop their problems.

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  1. mom 2 4
    11/04/2014 at 12:57 am Permalink

    Very vague question – Some medications are essential to a person’s life while others are merely extemperaneous.
    Just be careful with all.

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