what is a good acne medication?

by tatu43

Question by : what is a good acne medication?
What type of acne medication (nutrogena the wave etc) Works the best I need a good one that actually works??????

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Answer by Kanden
I personally use this online acne bought medication called Murad. It cleared up all of my acne within two weeks! It is only 30 dollars if you get a club membership, but you can cancel it after you get the cleanser. I am a teenager and it worked great for my mother when she was twenty-two. Good luck to ya!

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  1. xayla16
    16/03/2014 at 12:25 am Permalink

    Go to your doctor and get some prescription acne cream. I think its called Neo-Medrol. It’s AMAZING (: I put it on at night and my pimples are gone in the morning. It also helps with the redness.

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