Thyroid Medication Dose Lowered…?

Question by Giavanna: Thyroid Medication Dose Lowered…?
My doctor recently lowered my Thyroid medication from 75 to 50 mg. After about a week of the new medication, I feel such horrible headaches in my temples and sides of my head that I feel nauseous and have sweats after working out. I do not know what to do. Should I try lowering it to 25, or should I go back up to 75? How long does it take the body to readjust to a new dose?
Synthroid is the medication. This guy is just a general practitioner, so I feel like he had no right to go and switch my meds just because my TSH was too high.

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Answer by aaaaah
need the name of the medication. you shouldn’t adjust any medication without talking to your doctor if your hyperthyroid you prob need a higher dose.

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