Stilboestrol 5 mg

A few nice drug images I found:

Stilboestrol 5 mg
Image by DES Daughter
Diethylstilbestrol or DES was sold under many names including Distilbène®, Stilbetin®, Stilboestrol-Borne®, Benzestrol®, Chlorotrianisene®, Estrobene® and Estrosyn® to name just a few. Many different companies manufactured and marketed this drug under more than 200 different brand names.

This glass bottle of Stilboestrol tablets was manufactured in England. Copyright Science Museum London

Watch DES videos, read more about DiethylstilbestrolDES DaughtersDES Sons

Obama’s Other Hand
Image by jurvetson
Q&A on prison reform:

There are certain criminals who need to be locked up, no matter what. There are some people you just don’t want in your neighborhood. But some first-time non-violent offenders are sent away for five years, and graduate unemployable at 25 – illiterate and with a felony on their records. Instead of learning to read, they have learned how to be a serious criminal from fellow prisoners.

The experiments with drug courts look like a promising alternative. These first-time offenders serve a tough probation period and learn how to read. The recidivism rate is about 30% compared to 60% for prison. And there are significant budgetary advantages.

Image by
View at the Oudegracht. Homeless drugs- and/or alcohol-addicts swimming in the unhealthy canalwater.
August 2004.

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