Reflexology – Pain Management While Not Drugs!

For many decades now I have been interested in the art of natural healing. My 1st teachings were within the art of reflexology, that I immediately started using on friends. They noticed changes with the conditions they were experiencing, thus it prompted me to apply on everybody that needed help. I’m not abundant of a believer in medications for all varieties of conditions, thus natural healing appeared to suit into my overall beliefs.

I practiced reflexology on anyone who would let me. This follow covered several varieties of conditions like headaches, respiration conditions, upset stomach, back pain and more.

Once I was on a flight departing Honolulu to Oregon, and there was a girl next to me that was showing signs of utmost shaking and sweating. I asked her if I could help and she or he could not even speak except to shake her head yes. I grabbed her left hand, applied pressure between her thumb and index finger and he or she stopped shaking virtually immediately.

She simply looked at me in amazement and asked what I had done. I told her I applied reflexology and suggested her to see her doctor when she came home. It simply so happened that I was actually reading a book on reflexology at the time and showed it to her. She said she had heard about this type of healing however had never done it before. Needless to say, the woman thanked me all the manner to Oregon.

Naturally this one event created me a lifelong believer in natural healing therefore I continued seeking out other ways in which to apply this science. I then progressed into learning a lot of about Shiatsu healing techniques, and eventually took a course on Reiki healing.

You would possibly say I am blessed by being married to my stunning wife Karen who conjointly believes in better health through all natural merchandise and techniques.

Healing any condition nowadays is all a matter of that methodology you are willing to use.

There is the widely accepted technique that several people sadly select, which is widely used and it’s called……medications! But we have a tendency to all know that any medications have sure aspect effects that you are expected to live with!

Then there is a more natural technique called reflexology, that is solely one amongst the various natural ways in which to house nearly any illness! Thus if it’s so natural, why do not a lot of folks use this methodology? Well, as we have a tendency to see it, many folks are so convinced that their doctor will prescribe one thing that can help their condition that they don’t even query it till those nasty aspect effects creep in and begin giving them additional than they expected, but their condition gave the impression to clear up thus they accept that as being normal.

Don’t accept the fact that you have totally healed as a result of you took some artificial product that gave you the shakes, or caused you to throw up whereas your body accepted the drug! The science of Reflexology is one of those centuries-old arts that the layman may have hassle understanding as a result of they haven’t taken the time to analysis it!

First, they have to understand that the human body has pressure points all over, and even one thing as straightforward as walking really puts pressure on certain points in their feet which will have an effect on bound areas they didn’t even realize. Let’s take something simple and say you have got a headache (excluding a migraine), and wish to induce rid of it but do not have that bottle of aspirin as a result of you are not at home and do not understand where the closest pharmacy is!

I will give you one among the most common pressure (reflexology) points for headaches, though there are many pressure points as a result of there are totally different varieties of headaches.

1st, hold out either hand, then reach over with the alternative hand and place your thumb on the index finger bone half way between the wrist joint and joint at index finger. Your thumb should be in internet of hand with fingers supported in palm. This is often called the massive intestine 4 joint if you prefer specifics!

Press firmly for about seven seconds, then unharness pressure without removing thumb and repeat three times minimum. Apply pressure to same place on opposite hand. This specific pressure purpose is additionally smart for; tension or dullness in head, shoulder or arm pain, toothache, inflamed eyes, common cold, nervousness, weariness, hoarseness, psoriasis and eczema. In case you’re wondering, this WON’T cure a standard cold! Without knowing specifically what caused your headache, it’s troublesome to say that pressure point will work the best.

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