Q&A: Why does liquid medicine taste so fuckinnadty?

Question by Niall Horan: Why does liquid medicine taste so fuckinnadty?
Ever since I was little I could never swallow that shit down if I did I would end up vomiting everywhere. Its like those people who make those medicine haven’t tasted what real fruit taste like. Why can’t they make better medicine?

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Answer by Gabrio
because its toxic…try natural treatments.

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One Comment on "Q&A: Why does liquid medicine taste so fuckinnadty?"

  1. Matt
    11/04/2014 at 11:10 am Permalink

    The ingredients can taste bad. For instance, many medicines contain chemicals in the alkaloid group. Alkaloids are a nitrogen-containing compounds that include chemicals like caffeine, morphine, and nicotine.

    To the best of my understanding, the evolutionary explanation is that alkaloids were produced by plants in order to protect themselves from animals who would consume their vegetation. Originally, these compounds were toxic to these animals and they quickly evolved an aversion to their taste by associating a bitter, displeasing taste to alkaloids. Eventually mechanisms to detoxify alkaloids developed in animals, allowing them to consume these chemicals without ill effects (but with the bitter taste remaining as an evolutionary relic). Hence why caffeine still tastes incredibly bitter but is not toxic at reasonable consumption levels.

    To continue with your other comment, its likely that medicine is purposely made to not taste too well so to avoid a child confusing it as candy/fruit drink/etc and overdose.

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