Q&A: What exactly is wrong with socialized medicine?

Question by Danny: What exactly is wrong with socialized medicine?
What problems can socialized medicine lead to?

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Answer by mykdgirl54
In Canada people sometimes wait 1 month for a catscan…currently I could go into a hospital right now and get one done today. However also in Canada, if you take your dog to a vet your dog can get one done the same day, but you would have to wait 1 month on a list.

The problem or problems with socialized medicine are numerous. There are 3 obvious problems I see…First there is the sheer MAGNITUDE of people. For example think how pack DMV can get, and having a driver’s license is a priveldge imagine if everyone was intitled to it?!

Second, decisions on your health and care have up until this point have been up to you and your dr. However with someone else footing the bill, will some of that say be taken away from you? If so how much?

Lastly, the reason why the U.S. has been the world leader in medicine is because of the almighty dollar. There is an INCENTIVE for drug companys to invest BILLIONS of dollars in research and technology to find cures for things like cancer, alzheimers, etc. Why??? Because when and if they do find cures, they get patents on that drug that enable them to make HUGE profits once approved. However, in socialized medicine, what incentive do companies have to research drugs and cures if there is no profit it gain?

Its all very tricky and convoluted. I think however the answer always lies somewhere in the middle.

best of luck!

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3 Comments on "Q&A: What exactly is wrong with socialized medicine?"

  1. Jay D
    11/04/2014 at 6:14 am Permalink

    One of the biggest problems is the fact that it would be administered by the government. The very same government that pays $ 700 for a toilet seat, builds bridges to nowhere, and can’t seem to get the post office running. The quality of care in the VA system (government run ) is generally sub par except for a few locations such as Bethesda Naval Hospital and Walter Reed. The red tape (bureaucracy is atrocious and the waiting times for non-emergency medical care can be months before you get to see a specialist. Do you want to trust your families’ medical care to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid or the like ??

  2. Mathieu
    11/04/2014 at 6:29 am Permalink

    Where do these ideas come from?

    Most people (in the US) have never experienced Canadian, British, French, or any other health care. And people spin things all the time to make Canadian or British healthcare look evil.

    There are problems yes. In Canada is can take time to get an MRI (but typically not as long as people think). In the UK there are waiting lines for a non critical operation (ie death is not imminent). But that is about it.

    In Canada drugs are not free but there prices are controlled so that the drug companies can make money but people can afford it. And drugs go generic faster. In the UK public (NHS) doctors can not prescribe certain medications that are expensive and alternatives exist. For example only one sleeping pill is available from the NHS. But it is possible to see a private doctor for other drugs.

    Really the only real problem “socialized” medicine cause is some inconvenience or annoyance. Britain can have a hospital room to fit 10 patients. It is not very private or the most comfortable thing. But all those people rich or poor are greeting medications, tests, and doctors. And it is always possible to upgrade. Buying private health insurance in “socialized” nations is possible and very cheap. The other problem is that most Americans hear “national” or “governmental” or “socialized” and resist it as if hell will freeze over. Why are libraries free in America? Or police and fire department? It is OK to put out a fire but provide terrible care for the uninsured burt people?

    And drug companies do make money in Britain for example. And of the 10 biggest drug companies 6 or in the socialized countries. Huge medical advances come out of Canada, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. Canada has several drug companies that are pioneers in HIV/AIDS drugs. The US is certainly not the master of all study in medical science.

    The problem with American health care is that so much is available, technology is great, but why bother when only a few can access it?

    Every country has problems in health care. But Europe and Canada spend half as much and provide more things for more people.

  3. finaldx
    11/04/2014 at 6:38 am Permalink

    I agree with Mattieu, most people yammering on about it and spouting hyperbole (expensive space equipment – you have NO idea how that works) have never experienced socialized medicine. AS IF we don’t have it already (medicare, medicaid, all the drug subsidies and lobbying efforts). What these rednecks seem to be wanting is for people they consider “unworthy” to have absolutely NO healthcare.

    My mother in law is dual canadian/american. I would put Canada’s health care up against anything I have experienced, and I have private insurance!

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