Q&A: Performance enhancing drugs?

Question by jrsunolan: Performance enhancing drugs?
It is considered unacceptable for athletes to use performance enhancing drugs because it gives them an unfair advantage over their competition. Athletes who use these drugs are, for the most part, shunned and labeled as cheaters.
Artists often claim that the use of drugs like marijuana and lsd enhances their creativity. As a result, innumerable artists use these illegal drugs to improve the creative quality of their work. However, the artists who use drugs are not stigmatized and do not get the same harsh treatment that athletes do.
In both cases, the person using drugs is doing it to improve personal performance in their field. Is it a double standard to shun and drug-using athletes while accepting artists who use drugs?

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Answer by Phillies Phan (47-28)
they can use the drugs until they get caught

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4 Comments on "Q&A: Performance enhancing drugs?"

  1. Homerunkyle
    06/04/2014 at 8:45 pm Permalink

    Well, baseball is a professional sport, and the MLB organization wants to keep it “Professional.” I’m sure the players are getting drug tests all the time and MLB jacks any “druggy” player off the roster. MLB is constantly monitoring the players and keeping the game clean. The way it should be. Nobody wants to be a fan of a sport where everyone’s high on drugs.

    Artists however, are their own group. Nobody said it was legal for them to do drugs, there’s just no one on their case 24/7 about doing it. But eventually they will get caught.

  2. mattapan26
    06/04/2014 at 9:29 pm Permalink

    First of all, they are not comparable situations. Each artist/musician produces different and unique works for different audiences. Ballplayers are in competition in a very direct way against each other. If Roger Clemens is doing PEDs and he is facing a batter who isn’t, the entire sport is skewed. If Clemens was pitching against Pedro and Pedro was clean–and I believe he was–didn’t Clemens have an unfair advantage. What if Clemens, Sheffield, Pettite and Giambi were all using PEDs–they were–is it fair if the Yankees won the pennant and the Mariners or Athletics or Red Sox were eliminated in the playoffs in some small way because they weren’t??

  3. Eric Smartest Guy Ever Go Yanks!
    06/04/2014 at 10:05 pm Permalink

    People that take the drugs are bad people!
    GO Yanks!

  4. lilly
    06/04/2014 at 10:35 pm Permalink

    Because no one cares how an artist created their work as long as they didn’t plagiarize it.

    Because athletes are held accountable for their physical fitness, not how long they are in the art studio playing around with the paint.

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