Q&A: OCD medication question!?

Question by Delia: OCD medication question!?
ok I’m 16 years old and I am almost positive I have OCD. I’m goiong to a doctor to make sure, but if I do have it, i might be put on medication right? What would this medication do for me?

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Answer by mtvtoni
Doctor Steven Philipson is a very leading studies expert. The
organizations in themselves is an important philosophic victory.
People need medicine, stress free living, even good nutrition.
Please realize that tendencies and volunteering as a guinea pig
is to this day what it is to think yourself into sickness. This is the
wrong choice, and may even be the reactions you are worried
about. Please, God loves you, your friends, and the whole
world that wants you to be happy and healthy. Out where the
fresh air takes you into heaven. When we are at those places in
life of stress, pressures, shortages are more intensity than
normal. I feel confident you can make it. When you see doctors
you need realize they are persons watching, leading, monitors
of social tradition. The good side is what side to be on of a
doctor. Remember you must take vitamins, exercise, sports,
studies, responsibilities to be an adult. Try to get into the idea
that your ideal world is right out that door. Positive lifestyle may
be just a few gym classes away, or even a small job. Work is
definitesly one of the good partners of training yourself to be
healthy. Nutrition, size, weight, and activities make healthy
persons, for everyone. Crafts, walking, dancing, jogging,
are those actions that we all do want to do and can each day.
here is a website with some nice planning
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  1. Kate L
    12/03/2014 at 4:13 pm Permalink

    I have OCD and am on prozac. Whatever the medication is, it may help, or it may not. It always depends on the individual. And medications also tend to have different affects on different people, so I can’t say specifically what it would do for you. Sorry I can’t help you any more.

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