Q&A: Medication…or No Medications?

Question by Bumble Bee: Medication…or No Medications?
My 7 year old son whom has Down Syndrome, and asthma is on thyroid medication, asthma medication and also daily allergy medication which help with the asthma. He loves doing his medications and never fights me on any of it and he also knows what they are all for (reason he takes it and how much he takes) He uses 2 inhalers daily that are for his asthma. They prevent pneumonia and other respiratory illness’s. He takes these all MON-FRI. Then Dad picks him up Friday after school (sometimes during school) for the weekend. He gives our son, NO MEDICATIONS all weekend…he comes home on sunday (supposed to be 430) usually 7-800pm, and he is so wheezy he has to tug to breath, his eyes are all goopy from tear duct build up, obviously he did not give him his allergy medication either. The pills he takes are the exact amount he left with for the weekend, and the counter on the inhalers are the same also. I ask just for advice, if you want to be mean or rude, don’t waste your time replying to this. Thank you…don’t know what i should do.

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Answer by Neil
i think it would be of benefit if you talked the situation to his dad.
the medications are a priority for your son.

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  1. spunk113
    04/04/2014 at 9:03 am Permalink

    I would definitely talk to his dad about this–your boy’s health should be important to him, too. You mentioned that he (your son) has Down Syndrome, but he sounds pretty on the ball to me if he knows what all of his medications are for. Is he responsible enough to take them himself while he’s at his Dad’s? If he knows he’s supposed to take it and can follow the directions properly, why not let him take care of it himself. Or, perhaps he could remind his Dad when it’s time to take to take his meds. He’s still pretty young, but I bet giving him a bit more power in that arena would be a huge boost for him, assuming he can handle it.

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