Pot Chick

My video response to some girl who does nothing but film herself smoking pot and listening to crappy pothead related music… YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. I like watching other girls smoke so then I’m like “YEAH I know what that’s like”

    I’ll tell you what your missing out on…. masturbating in front of the camera. That’s pretty much what were all doing…. self indulging.

  2. wow, what a hater. let me answer u questions homeboy. first of, yeah, shes attractive. that doesnt mean we beat off to her. second, the reason we watch is that its nice to see a pretty girl that is not scared to toke. shes attractive, and she likes weed. just because someone watches a vid of things they enjoy doesnt mean they beat off to it. plus (i assume your talking about babyfirefly here) she doesnt listen to ‘trendy’ music. she has introduced me to some awesome music far off the beaten path