Medication Management Technologies for the Elderly

Without proper medication management, seniors will always fail to take the right dose of medications and take them on time. There are many reasons why they often forget and one is the natural sign of aging which is being forgetful.

Most Americans don’t see this as detrimental to their health but with continuous non-adherence this will surely take a toll on them sooner or later. This is more challenging for the elderly especially those who are taking three or more prescription medications.

There are various ways on how to manage medications, some are out of date but still effective while others are more advanced and considered to be very promising. These medication reminder technologies can help seniors to take their medicines right on time and since the age of technology continues to prosper, these alternatives seem to be the perfect fit for them.

Medicine containers are more sophisticated these days. An electronic medicine box is the best option for old people who are prescribed with numerous medications and they need to take them in scheduled times. This small, handy and portable pill box needs to be programmed first through the Internet. Once the one-time setup is done they can now go on with their daily activities without forgetting to take their medications since the dispenser gives off a beeping sound when it’s time to drink the pills.

They can also opt for safety devices that are designed to give reminders to seniors especially if they have a sensitive health condition. This Personal Emergency Response System or PERS is a medication management product that is built on watches and watches that are programmable with specific instruction in taking the medicine. With the help of this device, seniors will not just take their medicines on time but this can also guarantee their safety at all times.

Another option that seniors can consider is medication reminders through a telephone call. This is highly recommended to people who can still manage to purchase their medicines and store them but have the tendency to forget when to take them. No special equipment needed. They just need to register and pay a nominal fee every month. They will receive a call when it’s already time to take their medicines and if they don’t answer the phone, they can still receive the reminder through email or by calling the person they designated as their contact person.

Technology plays a big part in managing medications these days. However, only a small part of the senior population is aware of this. It’s just too bad that they can’t take advantage these more advanced products and services since these things can really help them managing their medicines in the most convenient manner.

To those who are interested to try sophisticated pill dispensers and other products, they should always keep in mind to consider their current condition in order to find the suitable medication management for them. You can forget about those days you’ve forgotten to take your medicines and worry about your health because with the help of these products you can finally drink all your medicines right on schedule and with the right dosage too.

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