Medication contradiction poster?

Question by Tylor Christensen: Medication contradiction poster?
Ive been trying too find that medication contradiction poster that shows a list of medication on the side and a list on the top and boxes between the two and you find the one medication and find the other one and if it has a check box in it, those two medication can not be taken together, im trying too order some for my Battalion aid station.
Thank you, but it doenst have all the meds just the basic sick call medication.

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Answer by The_EMT
I do not know of any posters because there are just too many medications to list. However, there is a fantastic free app for iPhone called epocrates. I use it on the ambulance all the time and it is very useful. It has a feature called drug interaction check where you input 2 or more medications and it will list any possible interactions that they have with each other. It is by far one of the most useful apps for medical professionals and even normal people that want to make sure the meds they are taking are safe together.

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