How drugs poison our society?

Question by 9875511plpl: How drugs poison our society?
I am doing a paper about how drugs poison our society, and i would like to know what other people think. Any input would be fine.

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Answer by jess b
which drugs?

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One Comment on "How drugs poison our society?"

  1. mac deezy
    16/03/2014 at 4:50 am Permalink

    I think meth, heroin, and cocaine poison our society they are pure chemicals and casue death and other bad stuff ive lost plenty of friends to those 3 drugs

    on the other i do not consider marijuna a drug i consider it a herb i have adhd and when i smoke i feel very consitrated. when i wasnt smoking a had F’s when i started smoking i started getting A’s
    im actully just a Lil high right now

    but shrooms and salvia are AWSOME
    lsd is ok

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