How does Osmosis Apply in Medicine?

Question by Dr.X: How does Osmosis Apply in Medicine?
How does Osmosis Apply in Medicine?
I wanna know what osmosis got to do with medicine?

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Answer by The Lady
osmosis is the diffusion of water into cells, tissues, and organs. you take concentrated medicine dissolve the medicine in the water. it mixes w/water molecules and diffuses throughout the body.

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2 Comments on "How does Osmosis Apply in Medicine?"

  1. Dr Lovecraft
    10/04/2014 at 12:05 am Permalink

    There are lots of examples, when you have diarrhea you loose more water than sodium so water content is reduced if this diarrhea is too prolonged and the person is not allowed to drink water starts crossing cell membrane from the inside towards the outside by osmosis. A de hydrated cell didn’t work as well as a well hydrated one, and if this affects the Central Nervous System and you’ve got a person with prolonged diarrhea plus neurological impairment.
    There’s a condition called Hyperosmolar Coma which may appears in patient with un controlled diabetes this time lost of water is thru kidney because high levels of glucose (why we lost water when we have high levels of glucose is another story) but water is lost. An again those who suffer are neurons and patient have neurological impairment due pass of water from neurons towards intercellular space (and from here to inside blood vessels).

  2. davidalden98
    10/04/2014 at 12:43 am Permalink

    It has EVERYTHING to do with medicine. just see the doctors response above! It’s a confusing response if you don[‘t understand osmolarity and how the different body compartments work, but a great answer is you do understand it. If you don’t understand osmolarity, go to

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