Guinea Pig medication?

Question by Alexis: Guinea Pig medication?
Okay.. My Guinea Pig was diagnosed with a URI, and he was perscribed Albon(sp?) and I read that Guinea Pigs can’t be given certain medications.. I’ve been giving him half an eye dropper, twice a day (12 hours between each dosage) as the vet said to do. I jus want to know if it’s safe for him since vets sometimes perscribe the wrong medication. Please and thanks!

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Answer by Cheyann
Here is a list of dangerous meds

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  1. Marine
    05/03/2014 at 4:27 am Permalink

    My hamster had the same problem yesterday! I took him to the best vet in my state. The vet told me antibiotics are no good for rodents because they can be toxic to them. That is why he did not prescribe me any antibiotics. But! I have good news, my hamster is better. The vet told me to mix water and cranberry juice and feed it to him through a syringe, give him organic yogurt, make sure to give him extra water…and to put a warm bottle on his belly. I suggest you try this first before giving him antibiotics because it really did help my hamster! If that doesn’t work, I say for it and try the antibiotics. Also, does your guinea pigs urine look bright red? Or reddish brown? Or orange? It could be from not drinking enough water, change in diet, or If he ate something red. Also, what color is his bedding? Urine can sometime change colors in colorful bedding. I really hope I helped! 100% of my information is correct. Hope your guinea pig feels better!

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