Damien Hirst

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Damien Hirst
Image by rocor
Pretty Vacant, 1989. Drug bottles and cabinet. SFMOMA

The Lord Palmeston Pub, Hounslow, London.
Image by Jim Linwood
HOUNSLOW CHRONICLE 25th November 2009:
The Lord Palmeston pub in Hounslow could be closed for good over claims it is frequented by drug dealers.

The pub in Staines Road has been plagued by problems over the past year, including armed fights, pushers selling heroine and cocaine, and drunk and obstructive staff, according to a damning police report.

The pub has been shut since mid-September when a routine inspection found a series of potential fire hazards, including a faulty smoke alarm system and signs of an unreported blaze.

Tamiflu or Oseltamivir 75mg
Image by gregwake
About a week ago we had a suspected case of swine flu in the family, so we were given this as treatment. It turned out to just be a common cold or some-such (I still have the cough) but as this is an issue of public interest I thought I’d take a picture of the new wonder drug as supplied by the NHS. One word of warning: if you’re prescribed any make sure you read the instructions. If not taken the right way they can apparently make you feel rather sick the first time you take them.

Added some days later….
Well Tamiflu did not make me feel sick and it did seem to work, even though it was not swine flu that we had. I competed the course as we received no instructions to the contrary and I am happy to confirm my miscellaneous cold went away rather quickly. If you’re given Tamiflu I think it’s important to not be afraid of it and to read the instructions, but other than that I’ve nothing at all to report about it.

There is some interesting information at www.tamiflu.com/ although it may be a little American in focus.

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