Cool Medicine images

Check out these medicine images:

Old medicine glass bottles
Image by Tambako the Jaguar
I visited the hospital of Zollikerberg near Zürich because it was the open doors day and I thought that these very old medicine glass bottles would be a good photographic subject.

NASCAR Army Medicine
Image by Army Medicine
BG John Poppe, Assistant Surgeon General (Force Projection) and Chief, US Army Veterinary Corps, stands with Ryan Newman, driver of the Army Medicine #39 NASCAR. (Courtesy photo)

The Day the Medicine Cabinet Jumped Off the Wall
Image by dannyman
We were just on our way out when the medicine cabinet leaped off the wall and bruised Mei as it came crashing down.

Two weeks later the building superintendant replaced it with a cheap mirror, since he doesn’t know how to secure medicine cabinets to the wall.

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