Columbia Pain Management Discusses Chronic Pain and Long-Term Opiate Use (541) 716-6469 (541) 716-6469 Columbia Pain Management’s, Dr Rigert explains the connection between chronic pain and long term use of pain medicines that are. - Great Website For Recovering Opiate Addicts

You do not need to be scared of being in recovery, and you do not need to be ashamed. There are over 23 million people in recovery in the United States. If you or someone you know has been…

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3 Comments on "Columbia Pain Management Discusses Chronic Pain and Long-Term Opiate Use (541) 716-6469"

  1. Wolfwolveswolf
    26/03/2015 at 9:24 am Permalink

    Morphine is a G-d Send/Miracle Drug, for Severe Chronic Pain! Nothing else
    works at all to ease my Pain as Morphine does(Pain in my neck, face, head,
    upper body, arms, and hands, from C1-C2 fusion, multiple head injuries,
    severe head injury)! The truth is that a proper dose of Morphine works to
    ease Pain, and continues to do so! Over 2 decades and my dose was changed
    once, due to the change I had to make due to Insurance no longer covering
    the brand name time release Morphine. So my Doctor figured the dose in
    relation to what I was using for the brand name, and a minor adjustment for
    what would work best for my Pain. It is day in and day out Pain that I’ve
    had for what will be in a couple of weeks, three and a half decades. First
    10 years left to suffer and refused Narcotics, but once in a blue moon. Got
    to learn that nothing worked to ease my Pain- but strong Narcotics, or i.e.
    Morphine. Then another 2 or 3 years till getting a proper dosage of the
    Why does the government refuse to except this fact that Morphine used
    responsibly- works and works greatly for those who suffer from Severe
    Chronic Pain of my type? Yes some Doctors know this is true (Great Doctors
    who have a spine), and yet some Doctors must be like the government, don’t
    care one bit about a person suffering, and also don’t dare to tell the
    government the truth about Morphine; or is it that some Doctors don’t
    really know how well Morphine works for Severe Chronic Pain suffering
    people(?)! And what about Freedom and Rights?
    Heck I didn’t even cause this problem of mine, go make the drunk truck
    driver to suffer, he’s the one who caused and was at fault for this, if to
    make people suffer is what you the government wants! 

  2. Roger J
    26/03/2015 at 9:26 am Permalink

    What complete & utter rubbish – this guy hasn’t a clue what he’s talking

    26/03/2015 at 10:18 am Permalink – Great Website For Recovering Opiate Addicts

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