Allergy medications before allergy testing?

Question by M: Allergy medications before allergy testing?
Are there any allergy medications that CAN be taken prior to allergy testing?
The reason I’m asking is geez they told me 7 days without it and I don’t know if I can make it that long. I was at 4 days and just had to take it so now I have to wait again.

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Answer by renee e
there really aren’t many meds that can be taken before allergy testing. The allergy testing involves checking for histamines, most of the meds that are OTC are antihistamines, so this would totally invalidate your results.. good luck

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  1. Chicken in Black
    12/03/2014 at 9:17 pm Permalink

    Nope, you shouldn’t take any medication for allergies at all for the two or three days before so that it is completely out of your system so that a clear idea of sensitivity is found.

    I went through this last year, I went 3 days without allergy medicine and was a mess by the time I got tested. Right after I got sweet, sweet benadryl to get a grip on the reactions. Three days of misery was worth it, looking back, since I am now getting allergy shots and am responding well, but still have to take daily medicine to cope with stuff the shots don’t work for.

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