Tetanus Treatment?

Question by lealea1989: Tetanus Treatment?
What is the treatment for Equine Tetanus?

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Answer by Kicking Bear
There is none. The tetanus toxin binds to nerve endings. You get a tetanus shot (tetanus toxoid) every 10 years to help prevent it. If you are exposed to it, they will give you tetanus immune globulin (TIG) to fight the tetanus that has not yet bound to the nerves. So the hope is to be vaccinated against it, and if you are exposed to it, get the TIG booster shot right away.

Tetanus is a bad way to go. The muscles contract and seize together so bad that you can snap your own neck in severe cases. They can treat you with anti inflammitories to help if the exposure is minor – but by that point you are going to have some serious lasting affects.

Horses actually breed the tetanus toxin – so make sure you and the horse are vaccinated, and you properly clean wounds.

Sorry, I missed the part about “equine” It’s the same as with humans – bad stuff. Horses need to get vaccinated every year, and the TIG shot in case of exposure.

Not to argue with Lisa – she’s very knowledgeable – penicillin is not to treat the tetanus but rather the remaining bacteria involved with the injury that caused the tetanus. Antibiotics usually do nothing to tetanus. So yes, a horse with tetanus gets antibiotics – but that is not to treat the actual tetanus. And by the time the horse is diagnosed with tetanus – it’s usually way to late to treat.

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  1. lisa m
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    Treatment of tetanus in horses is limited to providing muscle relaxers such as Robaxin, killing any bacteria still in the body using penicillin and neutralizing the toxin with serum antitoxin. Full recovery takes weeks to months, but even with treatment up to 80% of cases in horses are fatal.
    When nursing a horse with tetanus, it’s very important to keep the area very quiet as they can become very sensitive to sound.

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