Take apart the power adapter housing rehabilitation

specifications for 820uF/25V, there are two, low-voltage direct current from the filter’s ripple effect. In addition to these components, the circuit board there are adjustable potentiometer, and other RC components. Instance of the power adapter power adapter repair the fault is no more common Ac adapter Acer laptop ac adapter low-voltage DC output, the larger the output voltage deviation and internal instability or a more loud “creak” noise work, in which no voltage output of the most common. Example 1: a IBM notebook computer is in use, due to the power line 380V 220V civilian light falling on the line, causing power adapter burned out no voltage output. Maintenance process: this IBM power adapter input voltage range of 100 ~ 240V, 240V voltage than would be possible to burn out the adapter. Open the adapter case and found that the fuse has blown, varistors R1 (Figure 7 Summary diagram for the adapter) are also burnt, one pin is blown. Varistor removed and replaced with the fuse circuit with a multimeter to measure the phenomenon of no significant short-circuit, wanted to connect the power adapter into the general inspection, actually surprised to find the adapter is working properly. IBM power adapter appears in the protection circuit is quite perfect. If the hand is not the same size, varistors, you can temporarily install, but it is limited to emergency use, such as to buy time after the installation of varistors, as if fleeing into the incident once again encounter such a high pressure, then to fail to work some protection, and then the circuit components may be a lot of burn out. Take apart the power adapter housing rehabilitation, we can make use of epoxy glue to glue, epoxy glue if not, you can use black electrical tape wound around a few times in the adapter to resolve the case (Figure 8) .

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