“Swoops” the Blackbird Targets a Pedestrian

A few nice xanax images I found:

“Swoops” the Blackbird Targets a Pedestrian
Image by ingridtaylar
Image pixelated to protect the innocent.

This guy didn’t see it coming. The Brewer’s Blackbird, christened "Swoops," is watching over his turf the Financial District of San Francisco. He’s been vigilantly protecting a nearby nest by swooping in on unsuspecting passersby. The previous photo shows Swoops in waiting. Swoops (a male) and a female Brewer’s are tending loyally to their nest and young. Link to video about Swoops.

Taken with a long lens, not infringing on the turf of Swoops.

Read that a few people have been deliberately egging on Swoops by getting too close to his nest tree. At least there’s now a huge crowd of Swoops protectors. It’s illegal to harass most wild birds and nests.

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