Signs That a Loved One Needs Alcohol Rehab

When you’re close to someone who has problems with alcohol, you may not notice their problem progressing or you may make excuses for their drinking. How do you know when their issues have got so serious that they require alcohol rehab? The following signs may indicate that your loved one would benefit from alcohol rehab.

Poor health

If your loved one suffers from regular and/or ongoing ill health because of their drinking but won’t stop, they may benefit from alcohol rehab. A refusal to give up may suggest an alcohol dependency which may need to be tackled through alcohol detox. The sooner your loved one seeks help, the sooner their health will improve and the more the risks of long-term damage will be minimised.


If your loved one’s relationships with friends, family and colleagues are suffering, it may be time to talk to them about considering alcohol rehab. If your relationship with your loved one is suffering because of their drinking, or you see their other personal relationships crumbling, talk to them about it and suggest that alcohol rehab might help.


Alcoholism can cause significant problems with work, education and finances. If your loved one is regularly missing work or school/college, alcohol rehab may be the right thing to get them back on track.  If your loved one has been fired or is failing to keep up with their work, speak to them if you can. The stress of financial problems is only likely to make their drinking worse.

Mental health

If your loved one’s mental health is suffering because of alcoholism, alcohol treatment could help them recover. Many people self-medicate with alcohol when they’re suffering from stress or depression and alcohol treatment can help to break this destructive cycle.

Quitting alcohol

If someone has repeatedly tried and failed to stop drinking on their own, alcohol rehab is the next logical step. If your loved one can not stop drinking when they choose to, it is likely that they are an alcoholic and alcohol rehab could help them stop drinking for good. 

If someone experiences withdrawal symptoms when they don’t drink, they will benefit from alcohol rehab and should definitely speak to a doctor as soon as possible. Remember that although you can offer support and encourage your loved one to enter alcohol rehab, you can’t force them to do so until they’re ready.

You must protect yourself and you may also benefit from counselling or therapy, regardless of whether your loved one agrees to alcohol treatment or alcohol rehab.

Wellington Lodge is an established not-for-profit specialist alcohol rehab provider. We offer triage, screening and rehabilitation at our comfortable in-patient facility at Wellington Lodge in North London. We also offer out-patient facilities at specialist clinics in Harley Street, London or at Queens Square in Bath, Somerset.

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