really need advice. drug addiction.?

Question by cutie_patootie πŸ˜€: really need advice. drug addiction.?
Okay, first off, this is not about me. It’s about my best friend. I’ll leave out names. He has been abusing pills for a while, and he always tells me that he’ll stop, and slow down. I try to see the good in him every time, but he fails me. I love him to death, and I don’t want him to continuously make the wrong choices. He takes pills such as: klonopin (prescribed, yet abuses them), percocet, vicodin, oxycontin, xanax, and ecstacy. Whenever I see or speak to him, he’s under the influence of one of those drugs. The past week and a half, it’s been progressively getting worse. He has called me numerous times late at night, and sometimes has no idea what it is he’s saying. His speech is slurred, incoherent, and drifts off which eventually turns to silence, only to return a few seconds later not realizing that we are even on the phone together. I need advice, from somebody who knows what it is they are talking about. Not somebody’s half ass remark, and two-cents which is not what Yahoo! Answers is for.

Also, two of his friends died this past summer/fall. One from carbon monoxide poisoning and the other from a terrible car accident. I would think that these things would scare him, or make him see that he needs to make careful choices and not use pills for things that they aren’t meant for. I’ve confronted him plenty of times but I get the same response, and the same actions later.

I guess actions speak louder than words, and I’m slowly losing hope.
Somebody, please help….

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Answer by Amber C
tell him your worried about him a lot and that you dont want to lose a good friend i got off of drugs by dating a guy that wasnt into them and he got me going to church again and i mean i was hard core into meth coke weed alcohol crack pills just anything i could get my hands on and i have been clean for 2 and a half years

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2 Comments on "really need advice. drug addiction.?"

  1. β™₯
    23/03/2014 at 12:17 pm Permalink

    Stick by them. Theres nothing else you can do. Friends who are there is the end are the true ones. Don’t get angry, just give support and let them know how you feel and how it affects you.
    In the end, there’s nothing you can do. This is his life and his choice.
    I have had problems with drugs and the best my friend can do is stick by me and tell me how it makes them feel and reassure me they love me etc.
    Hope it works out. Don’t lose hope! πŸ™‚

  2. Dr. Pure
    23/03/2014 at 1:10 pm Permalink

    There are natural ways to quit drugs. Have your friend look into Salvia, Kratom and K2 Herbal Mix. They give you a great high, but have very low abuse potential.

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