Quit Smoking Naturally – 3 Ways To Quit Smoking Naturally Without The Withdrawal Symptoms

There is no other better method to Quit Smoking Naturally other than to just plainly stop lighting a cigarette, ever.

People call this the cold-turkey method.

But its success rate is as rare as a turkey would be on your dining table during a regular day. More than 95 percent of the time, people will fail to quit smoking cold turkey style.

For it takes a huge amount of will to resist the dependency towards nicotine and the act of smoking itself.

Not only that the substance nicotine is addictive, but the body has also been accustomed to very act of smoking. And when the body abruptly stops itself from this dependency without any plan or external help, the body is bound to give in to the craving.

There are however other natural ways which a smoker can Quit Smoking Naturally without undergoing the usual withdrawal often associated with the abrupt cessation of the habit.

Most common are the following Ways to Quit Smoking Naturally Without the Withdrawal Symptoms.

First Method: Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Cold turkey could have been the most natural way to quit smoking but when done without proper support, it is very likely to fail most of the time.

So when you became committed to quit smoking and does not want to undergo the pain of the usual withdrawal associated in quitting smoking, ask for help.

You can enlist the help of a Professional Counselor to enhance your chance of overcoming the addiction without undergoing the pain of withdrawal.

What happens is that the Counselor will let you relax to be able to reach your subconscious through hypnosis.

Telling and making your subconscious believe that you are not a smoker and you do not need a cigarette; which is in the first place the natural state of your body.

This will manifest in your body as you will lose the craving to smoke.

And as this method is natural, it has no side effects. Withdrawal becomes uncommon as your mind is convinced that you have no need for a cigarette.

Second Method: Using the Herb Lobelia

This approach entails the usage of an herb substitute for nicotine which is not addictive.

This is the Herb Lobelia which contains the compound lobeline; a good substitute for nicotine. It does the same thing as what nicotine does to your body without the addiction.

In using this herb, the effect is like the body wasn’t really deprived of its dependency to nicotine. So there will be no withdrawal when you quit smoking.

Third Method: Planned Cold-Turkey

In conclusion, the fastest and the most natural ways to quit smoking is still the cold turkey.

It may be tough but when you understand how the nicotine addiction works, you can devise a plan to make the cold turkey method work without undergoing the discomfort of withdrawal.

The high failure rate of the cold turkey is the lack of understanding of the addiction and the lack of a devise to counter it.

To make it work, you have to understand the cycle of nicotine dependency.

Basically, smoking happens when the nicotine level in your body falls and you need to have your fix. And when the fix is not present, the body will turn up the volume of its need through anxiety, restlessness, irritability, frustration, rage, the list goes on and on.

Have a diversion to the point that you can ignore this temporary craving. Work-out, do sports, whatever just to keep your mind off the craving.

Don’t give in, it is not very long and the volume of craving will eventually shut off. Nicotine is not as addictive as it seem; it is water soluble so it will eventually come out of your body fast.

Study shows that after 72 hours, the craving for nicotine will subdu at a manageable level; and another 10 to 20 days for the body to get accustomed to the absence of nicotine.

Given, the first 72 hours is the toughest part and that is where you will plan a devise to keep your mind off the craving and finally overcome the habit of smoking-for good.

The biggest problem anyone encounters when they’ve finally decided to quit smoking, is having a systematic way of kicking the habit whilst keeping any nicotine withdrawal symptoms [http://www.stopsmokingstepbystep.com/quit-smoking-right-now/quit-smoking-right-now-no-better-time-than-right-now] at manageable levels.

For free information on how to quit smoking naturally easily — and curiously, rather counter-intuitively — head on over to [http://www.stopsmokingstepbystep.com] now!

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