Q&A: Who watched Celebrity Rehab last night?

Question by Point: Who watched Celebrity Rehab last night?
Finally, Baldwin, the Paton Saint of Narcissism, has left the show.
And next week, it will be revaled that the porn star has been sending him pics of herself in lewd behavior.
Guess he’s not that upstanding citizen that he portrays himself being after all…….

Who do you think will make it through the program?
Who do you think honestly wants to change their life?

Here are my predictions:
I think all of them will fall back into the same destructive patterns.
Rehab is normally 90 days, not 3 weeks hanging out by the pool.

Best answer:

Answer by Irene P
I have sincere doubts about all of them. I think, however, that Bridgit ought to make it…she appears to be one tough cookie. This is entirely gut reaction, though.
I have been known to be wrong…oh, yeah.

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3 Comments on "Q&A: Who watched Celebrity Rehab last night?"

  1. spiritwalks
    16/03/2014 at 5:49 pm Permalink

    I know !!! I felt like he was looking for an excuse to leave rehab so he made the whole pool party and overblown thing so he could get out of there and go back to business as usual.
    He just wanted to look noble doing it.
    At least that is what I feel happened.
    And how creepy is the picture thing….ewwww!
    I think Jeff may actually make it. God I hope so.
    Rehab can sometimes be 30 days too, it just depends on the place and the patient.
    I really hope it the experience helps them in someway. I don’t want to wish failure on anyone .

  2. kissy face
    16/03/2014 at 6:19 pm Permalink

    I don’t think any of them will get and stay sober. Baldwin is a classic narcissist so it’s no surprise that happened. They where getting too chummy.

  3. MB-n-KC
    16/03/2014 at 6:22 pm Permalink

    Yes!! I love the show.
    Baldwin is a hypocrite! I’m glad he’s gone. Telling Jeff not to leave and not to be a quitter and he leaves??? LOSER!!

    ~ I don’t think Mary sent him photos…I think he asked for her to.
    I can’t wait to watch it next week.

    I hope they all make it.

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