Q&A: Short/Long term effects of Opiate use?

Question by Lina: Short/Long term effects of Opiate use?
I’m doing a project about Opiates and I can’t find short/long term effects of Opiate use?? Please include your source. Thanks!

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Answer by Bad Brain Punk
The basic opiate is morphine, a narcotic derived from the opium poppy. Related drugs are heroin and codeine.

You seriously can’t find any effects from using these drugs?

‘Narcotic’ means ‘puts you to sleep’, so there’s one short term effect. Others include analgesia, constipation, nausea, and death from overdose. They have been used in the past as anesthetics, although I think these days synthetic versions (like sufentanyl?) are more common in surgery.

Long term effects include tolerance (needing increasing doses to get the same effect), addiction, and withdrawl sickness. And, of course, death is also so long term it is permanent.


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