Q&A: Painkiller is issue with back pain?

Question by aepitchford: Painkiller is issue with back pain?
I do begging doctor give me a painkiller when I am in much pain. Only thing I hate to go E.R. to pay amount money to spend. I would rather to go doctor family to discuss with my health that I am face pain.

I took the Hydrocodone and Oxy for long time back and forward until that day doctor remove from my kidney stone.

The pain that I had deal complete gone and doesn’t feel a pain like I normal expect that I will get it. It feels great until the next 6 months my health condition appears and shows a lot pain.

I have asked doctor what to do when the painkiller out that time I am getting pain and not the ache.

The pain I have to deal that something is alive crawling underneath the skin. As today, it goes around my back and bladder. Last 6 months, it just lower back pain. Whenever I am out of painkiller and ask for more. The doctor felt that too much for me have it. I was like okay, what is the other way to reduce. It just tells me put some ice and heat and take the advil.

So I took doctor suggest and it makes more pain. Sometime I feel like I want go and dead in the coffin and not deal with pain.

What would I need to do about with doctor, that doctor is my third time I try to get different suggest and what they say, here try painkiller med.

I feel like doctor doesn’t care, they want a earn living. I pay their bill for living but I didn’t ask them to give me more painkiller and insult that I am addicted.

When the doctor mentions that I am addict… I was like.. I took 4 or 6 pills a day

I know out there is another way that not need painkiller but why can’t doctor do about it? They just want the money then they will tell me to get that to make better. If I am recovery and get better and then they get no profit from us?

Any suggest???

Am I really addict?

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Answer by imsety
See your health care provider for a second opinion. There is, unfortunately, no good treatment for people with chronic or severe pain. People with this condition must learn to be vigilant about painkillers, because too much can do more harm than good to a healthy body. Perhaps, your doctor has a point, for your well-being. This is my opinion on addiction to painkillers.

Acetaminophen is available in several brand name preparations (Tylenol, Datril, Liquiprin, Tempra, etc.), and others. I hope this helps you. And best of luck.

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