Q&A: Kratom/Opiate Immunity?

Question by MEGA19: Kratom/Opiate Immunity?
I’m a former opiate addict. I was put on Methadone 15mg a day, and eventually got off that. I’ve been off opiates for over a year now and still have the craving urge to get high. About a month ago I obtained two 7.5mg Hydrocodone and I took them both. (When i was on opiates i was using 20mg of Hydrocodone to get high and 15mg Oxycodone, I had a fair tolerance level.) I had no effect/high from the Hydrocodone at all, and obviously I had no tolerance to it either. Later on I heard and read about “Kratom”, a legal opiate-like herb. So i ordered some online, many different strains from many different vendors. I would take 5g of Bali Kratom….No effect…Double the dose to 10g…No Effect. Same for all the other strains, and other vendors. The only medication I have been on since I got off Methadone was Zoloft for the depression. So I was wondering, have I become immune to opiates and kratom’s effects? If so, how?

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Answer by Lol880
Where did you hear that non-sense? Kratom is just something people like to add to their tea as it makes them relax a little bit. It’s not a huge opiate high! No, You did not relapse. Smoke some pot. That will get you high and it’s not an opiate! Kratom along with all those other supposed “Legal highs” are all scams. They don’t work. I’ve tried them all. Wild Dagga, Klip Dagga, Blue Lotus, ETC. None of them worked. I’ve tried the numerous extracts for them also. No luck there either. The only legal high that worked was Salvia. It’s a safe, Herbal hallucinogen. You can get Salvia products off here if you’re interested: http://www.purplestickysalvia.com/ Good luck!!!

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  1. Guru Hank
    27/03/2014 at 6:04 am Permalink

    The junkies on bluelight have a whole bunch of bad things to say about Kratom. The reason you have a tolerance to Kratom, is because it IS an opiate, in fact it is a particularly dirty mix of various opiate compounds, and withdrawal from it is said to be very unpleasant and drawn out, just like people say codeine withdrawal is worse than coming off morphine or heroin.

    To the poster who is talking about ‘legal highs’ – there is a big difference between the ‘herbal highs’ you buy from rip-off head shops, and legal highs like mixing deadly nightshade up in lambs fat and smearing it on your forearm till you start to feel it kicking in then scraping it off like crazy to stop yourself getting brain damage etc. Some ‘legal highs’ are legal because society as a whole has not been dumb enough to try them. Sniffing glue isn’t illegal but huff enough Toluene and you will get an effect, just not a particularly nice one. Kratom is not ‘opiate-like’, – the various compounds in it are thought to be opiates, but it is a chemical soup.

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