Q&A: Friend going through a drug addiction, what should I do?

Question by Gotti: Friend going through a drug addiction, what should I do?
Okay, first I have a question that needs answered. If my friend were to unsuccesfuly try to commit suicide under the influence of drugs, would they know? And would they send him to rehab or would that be his choice? Also, what are some other choices besides rehabilitation centers to help get over a drug addiction? If you have any additional information, it would be very much appreciated. Thankyou

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Answer by Ham B
Chances are if your friend tried to committ suicide that they would know about it. Very few drugs cause blackouts (complete memory loss over a period of time). Alcohol is the only drug that I know of that has that kind of effect. Unless they were on a hallucinogen such as Acid or mushrooms then their suicidal thoughts would be with them even when they were sober. If they are a minor, then their parents can put them in rehab against their own wishes. If they are 18 or over, rehab is voluntary. As for alternatives to rehab, both AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) have been successful for many people. But NO ONE will quit until they are ready. There is no magic fairy dust to fight addiction. It is usually a lifelong struggle, and it is very difficult to beat. That is why most former drug users say that they are a RECOVERING addict or alcoholic. Because addiction is a disease which is treatable but there is no cure.

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  1. goofytartar
    26/02/2014 at 12:15 pm Permalink

    Yes, if your friend tried to commit suicide under the influence of drugs the hosptial personnel would find out through blood or urine work. It depends on what state you live in whether or not they would send him/her to rehab. I know that in the state of Washington it is the person’s choice. No one has the ability to send someone else to rehab it has to be the person’s decision to do so. The best advice I could give is to set up a good support system for your friend. All you can do as a friend is be there for them.

  2. parkermbg
    26/02/2014 at 1:08 pm Permalink

    By “they” I am assuming you mean some sort of medical professional???

    The fact that your friend is abusing drugs is a slow form of suicide (the wimps way out)…

    Rehab centers are nice because they can monitor you medically during the withdrawal period, (withdrawing from some drugs can cause seizures etc.)

    I encourage anyone dealing with drug addiction to look into Narcotics Anonymous meetings, build a support group of people who know the hell you are coming from!

    Likewise, for the friends and famiily of these addicts-there is Alanon and Naranon, build a support group for yourself too! It is not enough to just care,…educate yourself about what you are dealing with and train yourself to not be an enabler!

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