Q&A: Can Vocational Rehabilitation ask about personal information?

Question by Rebecca A.: Can Vocational Rehabilitation ask about personal information?
I am with under Vocational Rehabilitation to obtain a college degree.

After being my old VR counselor re-locating to a different city, I’ve been “pushed” around 2-3 times on different VR counselors. Finally, I have a new permanent VR counselor that is new at her job. Supposedly her prior career was in medical field before she joined Vocational Rehabilitation.

I’m on medicine for my issues (depression, anxiety, etc.) and it is listed under my “Form” that I filled out and authorized that I’ll be continuing to take my medicine and see my doctors and therapist.

Does my VR counselor have the actual “right” to ask me whether, or not, I’ve been taking my medicine? I feel like she’s invading in my personal space about these type of questions. I have Asperger’s Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism and because of this, I feel really paranoid about her asking these questions because I haven’t had her for as a VR counselor for about 5 months, or less.

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Answer by Joe Bl0
VR is insanely bureaucratic. They arent for getting *personal*. as far as questioning u about your meds, thats their business. Meds are prescribed to address problems, if s/he feels you arent addressing whatever problem, that could be problematic for him/her.

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2 Comments on "Q&A: Can Vocational Rehabilitation ask about personal information?"

  1. pioneer_grrrl1979
    30/03/2014 at 12:31 pm Permalink

    If this medication is part of your disability and an acomodation to help successfully control it, the counselor can ask if you take it.

    They cannot prescribe it, change the dosage, or prescribe new medications. Only the doctor who actually did this can.

    But this is part of the report to evaluate you to show you are elgible for their services (have disabilities, need/use accomodations to function).

    And if the medication does make you functional–ie potentially able to work and therefore elgible to use VR services, they can ask what accomodations you use.

    This information is secured in the counselors office. It is not public information.

  2. JMITW
    30/03/2014 at 1:02 pm Permalink

    absolutely–services are based on your disability and your adherence to treatment….if you are going to stop treating it—they can withdraw services..

    there cannot be any communication between VR and your doctors without your permission. they probably have permission on file that is valid for a year..but you can revoke that at any time.

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