Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercises

What is pulmonary rehabilitation?
Lungs are one of the most important parts of the body. Lungs are responsible for the respiration and providing oxygen to the heart which then sends it to the body. Oxygen is the most important element for living. Hence, slight malfunction in the lung’s working can lead to severe health problems, even death! The diseases related to the lungs and the respiratory system is collectively referred as the Pulmonary Diseases.  Pulmonary rehabilitation is a scientifically developed procedure for the empowerment of the lungs in the patients suffering from the lung diseases and irregularities.

What are pulmonary rehabilitation exercises?
Pulmonary rehabilitation exercises are the special type of workouts designed in order to get back the working ability of lungs to normal.

Why are the exercises important?
As mentioned above, the pulmonary diseases are very serious as they affect directly the respiratory ability of the lungs.

The lower respiratory ability results in the less supply of oxygen to the body which in turn causes the inability to perform tasks. After getting the primary treatment, it is necessary to rehabilitate the person and get his respiratory ability back to normal. This is better to be achieved by the natural processes in order to minimize the side effects of the medicines. The pulmonary exercises are important because they gradually increase the capacity and the increased capacity is persistent.

What Are Different Exercises?
Different pulmonary rehab exercises are mentioned below with their brief explanations.

1.Stretching: This is a very basic exercise. The purpose of this exercise is mainly to relax the body muscles including muscles related to the breathing.

2.Walking: This is the most basic exercise where the patient is expected to walk slowly but in rhythm for given point of time. The speed of the walking can be gradually increased but without disturbing the rhythm. This is basically a body warming exercise.

3.Conventional Breathing:  This is a type of meditation in which the patient is educated about ideal breathing. The patient is trained in slow inhaling, holding and slow exhaling of air.

4.Bicycling:  This is a slight heavy exercise as compared to slow walking. In this exercise, first the patient is given the mechanical cycle, which is with adjustable stress ability. When the lung ability is considerably increased, he is allowed to ride the actual bicycle.

5.Triceps Stretch: This is a special type of stretching the triceps which in turn improves the lung ability of holding the breath.

The above mentioned various pulmonary rehabilitation exercises help the patient to recover faster and hence living problem free life.

Alaya Lewis is a therapist with a rehabilitation center. She has a lot of experience in suggesting and implementing a suitable rehabilitation therapy to a patient. She is an author and speaker for drug rehab programs.

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