Opiates for a cold or Flu?

Question by Bob Sacamano: Opiates for a cold or Flu?
Would prescription opiates, such as Oxycodone (i.e. Percocet, Percodan, OxyContin, etc.) be a good idea for relief of a cold or flu?
My conjecture is that an opiate of the stronger nature of Oxycodone would surely subdue if not eliminate discomfort, however it may impede overall convalescence:

1) Opiates can cause or exacerbate a dry, sore throat.
2) Opiates effect on the immune system may hamper/impede recovery.
3) Opiates may possibly affect nasal and chest congestion.

These are my preliminary contraindications. I currently have the Flu, and am eager to observe if my hypotheses are plausible.
Others, feel free to comment or add your own.

Post-Script: In my opinion, people who discontinue a long-term regimen of an opioid are more vulnerable to catch a bug; as I firmly believe that one’s immune system is compromised, as the individual’s body is in shock from the withdrawal, and is transferring its resources from its autoimmune to restore chemical equilibrium.

Best answer:

Answer by Kenneth
While I am not a physician,I would never recommend someone to use opiates for either the flu or cold virus for comfort/pain relief. The pain associated with the effects of the cold or flu viruses in my opinin is not severe enough to justify the use of opiates. Both the short term side effects and the longer term risk of addiction due not justify the risk. Sort of like driving a thumb tack with a sledge hammer. There are plenty of over the counter remedies that should provide some comfort. If they do not, then consult with your physician for further relief.
I hope this helps and I hope for a speedy recovery for you.

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