Nice Treatment photos

A few nice treatment images I found:

Conservation Treatment
Image by Brooklyn Museum
Conservator Lisa Bruno blogs about the treatment of Chryssa’s Cents Sign Traveling From Broadway to Africa via Guadeloupe.

water treatment
Image by davedehetre

where I live, in Kansas, our water treatment plant is actually pretty cool looking. but it’s nothing compared to this one in New Haven CT. apparently there’s an architecture school here or something.

Clough Foot Minewater Treatment Scheme, Midgelden Brook, Bacup Road, Todmorden, West Yorkshire
Image by mrrobertwade (wadey)
The Coal Authority has appointed JN Bentley to
undertake its £3m minewater treatment scheme
in the Calder Valley.
Following on from our success over recent years on a number of minewater treatment schemes, we’re delighted to have been awarded our biggest Coal Authority contract to date, worth approximately £3m.
We completed the enabling works for the Clough Foot Minewater Treatment Scheme in May 2009, so we’re pleased to have also secured the 11-month construction contract to see the project through to completion.
The minewater discharge of Clough Foot lies in the base of the narrow valley of the Midgelden Brook, approximately 2km to the west of Todmorden, an historic market town in West Yorkshire.
The discharge impacts some 3km of the brook to the point it meets the River Calder. The ochre staining, which is highly visible through Clough Foot village and downstream to Todmorden, is rated as the 12th worst remaining un-treated minewater discharge in England and Wales, placing it high on the Environment Agency’s priority list.

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