Kodak To Change The Advertising Style In Order To Become More Aggressive Rehabilitation

Beijing on March 30, according to foreign media reports, “The Wall Street Journal,” Advertising and marketing part of Suzanne? Vranica (SuzanneVranica) published analysis commented that Kodak’s new CMO Haizilete (JeffHayzlett), led by advertising style is changing, in order to revive the Kodak brand influence.

The following for the full text:

Eastman Kodak (EastmanKodak) the company is constantly increasing its aggressive marketing campaign as it tried to start the ink-jet Printer Business and revitalization of its siege of the brand experience.

Starting this week, this has a 103-year-old company will launch a new advertising campaign, to enter the consumer market, change Printer The status of ink prices too high. Its slogan is: “Print successful (Print andProsper)”.

One print ad, said, “Last year, Americans buy inkjet printer ink spending up to five billion U.S. dollars.” Ad voice-over says, “the world’s most expensive fluid than in the Middle East, but in the inkjet printer.” words, the printer ink is even higher than oil prices. According to informed sources, Kodak invested in this campaign cost about 30 million U.S. dollars.

Film as Kodak’s core business has been declining, it is transformation into a digital image and print company, selling personal inkjet printers and high-speed commercial printing press.

In the past few years, in order to maintain business operations, Kodak has laid off tens of thousands of people, and significantly reduced advertising spending. Advertising giant WPP, according to TNS Media Intelligence data show that last year its ad expenditure in the U.S. 30.6 million U.S. dollars, compared to 2001, the expenditure of 205.2 million U.S. dollars.

New printer advertising aimed at U.S., UK and Canada, in November last year by Kodak’s new CMO Haizilete just took charge. The 48-year-old Haizilete has been working to reshape the image of the Kodak brand in this tradition.

Haizilete have given up thousands of small in the global advertising and marketing company, to consolidate the profits and Kodak Proxy Fee. The Rochester, New York has concluded a number of well-known sponsorship of sporting events, such as the Olympic Games.

Kodak declined to disclose details of the plan, but it said that as the market restructuring measures are effective, this will increase their advertising costs.

Haizilete Kodak has given up the warmth of classic advertising strategy, its most famous advertising slogan, including “You just press the shutter, the other to us (Youpush the button we do the rest)” and “on Kodak moment (Share moments.Share life). “He preferred embodiment advertisement, he said,” We must promote the sale of advertising. “

Fashion as Haizilete rebuild the image of the part of Kodak, Kodak signed last live TV show “Celebrity Apprentice (TheCelebrity Apprentice)” to promote themselves, recently signed a new contract for the new season.

Rock star Jean? Simmons (GeneSimmons) was invited to conduct the program for a Kodak printer sales program, but because of its design language in the advertisement failed to win approval Kodak executives were abandoned. The Kiss singer and even talk show “JimmyKimmel Live” carried out attacks on Haizilete for Kodak brings more publicity.

Haizilete of inkjet printers such as HP and other advertising against competitors, and set up a website dedicated to help consumers calculate the rival printer ink how much money to waste.

End of last year, Kodak’s long-term agents around Haizilete WPP’s Ogilvy & Mather, advertising directly to the printer to the IPG Group, Deutsch, the advertising industry would have caused the accused. Haizilete said the aggressive promotion requires a proficiency-based advertising company to do. Continue in other business and Kodak Cooperation The Ogilvy yet to take a stand.

However, the recovery Kodak brand is not easy. According to Omnicom Group (Omnicom GroupInc.) Interbrand’s data show that in 2001 Kodak’s brand value ranked 27 in the world; but until last year, the rankings can not enter the top 100.

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