Knee rehabilitation programs ensure quick recovery after knee surgery

Global surveys and medical reports have proved that orthopedic problems are on the constant rise with people over the age of 45 years or so. It has also been seen that these problems are more pronounced in females when compared to males. This happens because calcium levels decrease drastically in women with age and the problem gets pronounced after the age of 45. Knees, waist and hips are the most badly affected areas. There are times when there is no option left to people but to go for knee surgery. Though that is not a very difficult thing, post operative care and exercise is very important. It is mandatory to go through knee rehabilitation programs to get best results from the surgery.

Knee rehabilitation programs mainly consist of various kinds of exercises of the knee and the leg that enhance the recovery process from the surgery and helps in getting the best results from it. There are many steps in this process and each step should be carried out in proper order. You should never hurry through them or over do them. Following the doctors’ guidelines and instructions is also very important. The exercises that are given for rehabilitation start after few days from the surgery. They can be practiced at home only, but should not be overdone as that can harm the surgery. Some of the exercises in these programs are as follows:



Proper diet and

Leg extension exercises are very useful after a knee surgery. In this, you have to stretch your legs as much as much without overstraining the muscles and ligaments. In the initial stages, if you find it difficult, put a thick but soft padding under your knee for support.
Squatting is also a very good exercise that is an integral part of a knee rehabilitation program. Full squatting is not possible after a surgery. One-fourth squatting should be practiced initially and the extent of squatting should be increased with time. Do not over overstress your knee and your hips as that might cause muscle cramps and sprains.
Cardiovascular exercises are also extremely effective to recover from knee surgery. They are also part of knee rehabilitation programs. Initially, the exercise can be started on a stationary bike and then can be continued when you are comfortable exercising on a treadmill. You must understand your own limits and carry out the exercises according to that.

knee rehabilitation exercises can help in recovering from the surgery fast.

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