Hip Pain Treatments

A less credited part of the body is the hip. This body part is responsible for carrying the weight of our upper body and providing stability so we are able to stand, walk, and run. The medical term for hips is “coxa.” It is also among the most susceptible to infection and pain. Hence, hip replacement treatment came into picture. This procedure has been a constant subject for studies due to the reported flaws and failures of hip devices, specifically the ones manufactured by  DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., a subsidiary company of Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Meanwhile, the British Medical Journal featured an article discussing the negative history of all-metal hip replacements.

Moreover, hips let the legs in space to move and it also transfers the upper body pressure to the lower limbs.
 It can greatly affect normal activities if afflicted with injuries or diseases. Osteoporosis is one of the most frequent problems of the hips. A time will come that osteoporosis patients will need to go through hip surgery. The fact that osteoporosis drugs can lessen the risks and complications of a hip replacement surgery will interest them, experts say.
 As we age, our body’s normal defenses will significantly weaken and diseases will be revealing themselves. Bone diseases like osteoporosis and other joint problems are common. People in the upper age group of around 65 and above are the ones who usually experience these.
Total hip replacement is one of the best choices in the management of hip problems.  Since most of the surgery patients are aged 65 and up, the search for less invasive procedures is on.

 In the United States, hip fracture is a common injury and one of the best options in the management of hip injuries is a total hip replacement, given that the sufferer can withstand the conditions of the procedure. Surgeries always have its risks and complications. This is especially particular with the reports that there are some allegedly defective and hazardous medical devices just like  DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement system.
The process done to remove the bad hip part and to be replaced with a new device is called hip replacement surgery. To relieve the individual from pain and resume or improve the function of the hips is the main procedure of that surgery. Although the procedure’s prognosis is good, it is still alarming that there might be setbacks due to defective devices.  The contentions on the metal-on-metal product by  DePuy can serve as an example.
Some patients said that they experienced mobility difficulties and any movements that involve pressure on the hips due to the premature loosening of the device. The device is also associated with metal toxicity because metal bits might enter the bloodstream of the patient.  In fact, an increasing number of clients have filed a  DePuy lawsuit to be compensated from all the misery that they’ve had. Finally in August 2010, the manufacturer implemented the DePuy hip recall.

When orthopedic manufacturer announced the DePuy ASR hip recall in 2010, recipients are clamoring for justice for the suffering they went through after their respective hip replacement surgeries. Learn what these complications are through related articles.

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