Goining into nursing past drug addiction?

Question by JJM: Goining into nursing past drug addiction?
I was thinking about goining into nursing and earn a masters in it my question is I signed a “contract” with my doctor saying no more narcotics for me because I admitted to a drug problem. I was honest and truthful but would that prevent or restrict me in any way if I wanted to become a Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner im really worried about this but since it would be 8 years after I had this problem if I stay clean would it just be shrugged off, I have a completly clean criminal sheet by the way nothing more then traffic tickets.

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Answer by Jill
As long as you have nothing on your criminal record, there is no way that the board of nursing or any potential employer would find out about your past drug addiction unless you voluntarily disclosed it. So yes, you can be a nurse, absolutely.

There are many nurses who have a history that isn’t spotless, including myself. Many of us live through some nasty experiences and that often drives us to be a better person, which leads many of us into the career of nursing, to feel like we are doing something worthwhile, to help others who may be facing similar circumstances that we faced in the past. People who have overcome obstacles like addictions or other health problems or mental health problems have a unique perspective to share with their patients, a unique empathy. It helps bring personalization to the care you will give your patients.

Good luck to you, and take care.

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