Does anyone else have a parent with a drug addiction?

Question by Shae: Does anyone else have a parent with a drug addiction?
Does anyone else have a mother or a father with a drug addiction? Im 15 now and my brother is 23 our mom has been doing drugs on and off since we were living. Our grandma stays with us so its not like she abandoned us when she does drugs. Right now shes on drugs and im really truly sick of it. If she can go 4 years without smoking or doing drugs why cant she stop forever. I know she can stop because she always has a positive attitude and wants to do well but when she gets stressed or very angry she turns to drugs. If you have a parent on drugs how do you deal with it or how did you deal with it?

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Answer by Rezwan
so sad

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2 Comments on "Does anyone else have a parent with a drug addiction?"

  1. lynette h
    13/03/2014 at 5:49 pm Permalink

    Find a friends house to go to while you think she is under the influence, some parents don’t know how to deal with stress so they turn to the easy ways drugs it can take away the feeling of their stress for a bit but the problem will still be there. Suggest a vacation instead of drugs. Good luck

  2. classyshonna
    13/03/2014 at 5:59 pm Permalink

    It’s best to just get her out of your life. If you truely want to be happy and not be worried with the drama. Especially if she is smoking crack, meth or heroine. I’m just telling the truth. We all go through hard times and experience hardships and that is a life long struggle. Relapses are going to happen throughout the rest of her life. You either accept that and accept her and her struggle or let her go and live YOUR life. I guarantee when she is doing her drugs she is not thinking about you and how you feel and what your future looks like. So do her the same. Crying to her and pleading her is just not going to work.

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