do painkillers help with nauseau?

Question by Dan O: do painkillers help with nauseau?
recently i’ve been feeling queezy after eating. i take pain medicine for back and nerve pain, but i know that my dad’s doctor on occassion has prescribed hydrocodone for nauseau. any thoughts?

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Answer by njones2557
I have never heard of hydrocodone being prescribed for nausea. I have heard of a doctor treating pain associated with nausea by prescribing hydrocodone with phenergan. The phenergan is an anti-emetic and helps to ease the symptoms of nausea caused from high dosage pain medications.

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  1. figure sk8er & swimmer
    10/04/2014 at 12:22 am Permalink

    Nausea is often times caused by painkillers. I’ve never seen nausea made better by taking pain medication. There are anti-nausea medications that can help with nausea, both over the counter medications and prescription medications. I’d talk to your doctor who prescribes the pain medications to see if maybe they need to be adjusted, or changed or if some type of anti-nausea medication could help with your nausea. Good luck!

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