Dealing With Withdraw Symptoms When You Quit Smoking

When you decide to stop smoking, it can cause a bit of a shock to your body at first. Your body “misses” the nicotine you used to give to it. The withdraw symptoms you feel is your body trying to convince you to give it nicotine. Even though these withdraw symptoms don’t last long, it’s the number one reason most people can’t kick the habit.

One of the best ways to avoid the withdrawal symptoms is to drink a lot of water. This will help flush out all the toxins you have in your body from years of smoking. Drinking lots of water will also help combat the symptoms you may get from quitting in the first place. It’s important to really stick with this for the first week, since the first week is the hardest.

It’s a good idea to get into a healthier lifestyle when you quit smoking too. If you drink soda, start drinking water. If you eat a lot of fast food, go to the store and get some salad and fruit. You can’t kick a fast food habit overnight either, but if you eat healthier snacks, healthy food will soon follow naturally. Putting yourself in this healthy lifestyle will make you less likely to fall back into your dirty smoking habit.

Another great way to help you avoid the quit smoking symptoms is to actively avoid all smokers for the first few weeks of quitting. Smelling cigarettes will only make you suffer the withdrawal symptoms more. If you live with another smoker it will probably make your quitt attempt harder. Try to get them to quit with you and you can support each other. If they’re not ready to quit smoking yet, ask them to not smoke around you, and to smoke outside so you don’t smell it at all.

If your friends smoke, make a point of telling them you’re going to quit smoking, and ask them not to smoke around you if they can help it. If you have to, just avoid those friends for the first couple of weeks so your temptation is faded if they do choose to smoke around you.

Think about all the benefits of quitting too. Your skin will look younger. You’ll feel younger. You’ll have more energy and lung power, and you’ll feel better about life in general being a non-smoker.

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