Cost of pixel lazer treatment in india..?

Question by creamy: Cost of pixel lazer treatment in india..?
hi…wats the cost of pixel laser treatment in india.whi ch is gud pixel or fraxel?

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Answer by paul d
Anywhere between $ 100 – $ 500 per treatment.

-Pixel laser treatment – 5000 INR (approx 100 $ )
-DPN to remove my moles – 1500 INR (approx 30 $ )
-Filler – for 2-3 deep scars – 3000 INR (approx 60 $ )

Fraxel repair is a fractionated CO2 laser that is along with Total FX the gold standard of fractionated CO2 laser treatments. Fraxel re:pair penetrates the skin deeply between 300 up to 1600 microns (0.3 to 1.6mm).

Pixel has both a very superficial treatment erbium laser that penetrates 20 to 50 microns as well as a new CO2 laser. Fraxel re:pair and Pixel CO2 can be compared; the superficial Pixel is such a light treatment that there is no comparison in results.

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