Can people in rehab write letters?

Question by comicbookheroe: Can people in rehab write letters?
I sent my boyfriend a letter in rehab, can he write me back though? I don’t want to be really sad if I don’t get a letter back…..
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Answer by Kelsey.
I believe you can, but it all depends on the rules of that certain rehab. Call the rehab and ask them if you don’t get an answer back from your boyfriend. And don’t you think you should dump this guy if he’s in rehab?

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  1. punkydanceparty
    21/03/2014 at 12:13 am Permalink

    yeah, i’ve had a lot of friends and family in rehab before-most of the time they can write letters but every place is different. So you’ll just have to check it out, call the rehab place or something…..

    and btw just because someones in rehab doesn’t mean they’re a bad or dumb person and therefore you shouldn’t break up with him just because hes in rehab-i’m sure hes a real good guy sometimes good people get into trouble, sometimes because of a bad upbringing (or something) give him a chance, have hope:)

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