Best strengthening Hair Treatments?

Question by BabyMoon: Best strengthening Hair Treatments?
What is the best hair treatments that strengthen the hair?
Any homemade or store bought treatments?
I prefer more natural products but im up for anything!!

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Answer by kittyz
you could get straightning cream, which doesnt damage your hair at all (you can find it in any salon or beauty supplies store)
You can also get a straightner, but this may damage your hair if you use it too often.

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  1. Crystal
    05/03/2014 at 6:16 am Permalink

    Since you prefer natural products, I recommend AVEDA. You can only purchase Aveda in salons.

    If your hair is colored, I recommend purchasing the Aveda Color Conserve Strengthening treatment.
    They also have Damage Remedy Treatment Masque. This works great for repairing damage and strengthening the hair. You only have to use these treatments roughly once a week to keep your hair looking and feeling great.

    I believe they are both in the range of $ 24, but they last a long time and work great. Worth every penny.

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