Animal courses that help solving dog behaviour problems & equine rehabilitation

Various animal courses offered at Asentia for tackling dog behaviour problems

Issues like dog behaviour problems and equine rehabilitation can create problem for any pet owner. Although these can be solved by taking up animal courses available with animal healing centres but it takes a lot of patience to get them completely done. Whether it’s a horse, a dog, cat, rabbits, fishes or any other pet for that matter, it requires proper care and training so as to live life according to its owner. Moreover, every pet develops an attachment with its owner with the passage of time. Thus, when it falls ill or gets some injury, the whole family gets affected. In case of horses, recovering from ailments is very painful period of life. They require special care and attention during this hard time. The animal courses dealing with methodological recovery of an equine or so to say a horse are termed as equine rehabilitation. The animal healing professionals provide them all the required mental and physical help as well as support so that they can get back to their normal routine. In this article, I am going to discuss some of the various animal courses offered by Asentia- a well-known animal healing centre, for tackling equine rehabilitation and dog behaviour problems.

Before discussing about the animal courses available for equine rehabilitation and solving dog behaviour problems, lets us get acquainted with the common behaviour problems dogs have. A dog owner may have to face various dog behaviour problems. These may importantly include digging, pissing, barking, anxiety, aggression, stool eating and many more. Almost every dog is fond of digging soil and hiding things under it. Although they are counted among the most intelligent animals but they do not understand that digging the garden soil may spoil their owners’ lawn or digging the soil of flower pots lying inside the hall will make the entire flooring dirty. This is the main thing that needs to be made clear to them. Other than this, the most common habit because of which dogs create a problem is that of passing stool and pissing anywhere. In fact they are very much habitual of this. Another problematic behaviour of dogs is that of barking unnecessarily. This may prove very dangerous in some cases. At Asentia College of animal healing, our professional Emily, who is a degree holder in Animal Behaviour Science, helps your pets develop all those behaviours desired by you as the owner through training and teaching.

Other than providing training for solving dog behaviour problems, Asentia also facilitates animal courses for effective equine rehabilitation. Our animal healing professionals work with horses that need post-operative, or post-traumatic care, and horses that may be on box rest. Our team uses a combination of healing and natural training techniques to enhance the healing process for your horse, and to introduce the first steps towards riding fitness. We offer the owner a stress-free option during their horse’s recovery. Equine rehabilitation takes place at the livery yard, located near the village of Slinfold in West Sussex. Other than helping and treating your pets through healing and training, we also offer several animal courses for those who want to learn animal healing or take it as a career option. For further details, please visit us at:

Effective equine rehabilitation and expert help for solving dog behaviour problems are the most recognised animal courses offered by Asentia College of Animal Healing.

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