Alcohol Abuse and Its Effects: The Importance of Rehab Centers

To a lot people, throwing up after a drinking spree is not considered alcohol abuse. However, drinking excessively over a prolonged pattern of time can lead to alcohol abuse. The disease can affect an individual’s life especially in the areas of work, education, and relationships among others.

About 20% of men and 10% of women in the United States are affected by alcohol abuse. Symptoms of alcohol abuse may include repeated occasions of red bloodshot eyes combined with the lingering odor of alcohol on the person’s breath and skin. Also the afflicted individual may usually be hot tempered, or apathetic and passive. In worst cases they may show signs of bad hygiene, inconsistency in work performance and attendance and involvement in auto accidents if they still drive while intoxicated.

Sadly the disease has claimed the lives of more than 2000 people under the age of 21 in violent motor vehicle accidents annually. Though motorists who suffer from alcoholism would sometimes be pulled over, by the police, these instances are not enough to make them stop completely and seek help deliberately. People who suffer from alcoholism should seek outside help and support to fight the disease.

There are many institutions that help individuals afflicted with alcoholic abuse. These institutions provide individuals treatment programs that people can go through to recover. Most treatment programs include detoxification, education, support groups, counseling, family meetings and aftercare.

People, who live in Texas, would definitely benefit from these treatment programs, since apparently the state itself leads the union in terms of drunk-driving fatalities. Texans who may know someone or themselves are experiencing alcohol abuse can seek the aid of rehab Austin centers, to benefit from the rehab treatment programs they provide. They in turn may be able to get their health and life back. They should do this to curb the long-term damage this disease can bring to their lives.

It is in the best interest of the afflicted individual to be enlisted in programs provided by rehab Austin Texas centers to get their lives back in order. If not taken seriously, alcoholic abuse can really hurt the individual and even cause their deaths, or the death of the people surrounding him.

Knowing which rehab Austin Texas centers to trust is highly beneficial not just to an alcoholic but to everyone. Someone else might know a friend or family member who needs to get into rehab and start anew. For further information regarding alcoholic abuse and its adverse effects, visit

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