Adhesive Capsulitis Physical Therapy – Full Rehabilitation Program For a Quick Recovery

The long lasting Frozen Shoulder disorder can be helped resolve quicker with a program of adhesive capsulitis physical therapy. Such program can be implemented in the thawing phase of the disorder when the adhesions naturally break down, in order to speed up a process that normally takes up to 1 year to resolve naturally.

Over all, a Frozen Shoulder can last up to 2 years or more, making it a very disabling condition with heavy effects on quality of life. Unlike other shoulder disorders like Bursitis, Tendonitis or Impingement, where the sufferer has to deal with pain and discomfort but shoulder functionality is only partially affected, with an Adhesive Capsulitis mobility and arm range of motion are severely restricted.

Typically, over head movement or other rotational motions are blocked by the adhesions which are not inflammations like in the other disorders, but thickened scars of the capsule membrane surrounding the rotator cuff, restricting space within the shoulder joint and making it physically impossible to execute many movements, particularly over head.

During the frozen phase of an Adhesive Capsulitis, only manipulation performed by the surgeon under general anesthesia can restore full functionality, physically breaking down the adhesions. Such a radical yet effective solution must be followed by a program of rehabilitation soon after. The thawing phase of the disease can instead last up to 1 year, adding extra discomfort and frustration to an already long frozen phase.

However, an Adhesive Capsulitis physical therapy program can help speed up the process, saving months of further misery, strengthening the rotator cuff, helping break down the adhesions gradually and progressively eliminating the need for anti inflammatories with all their side effects. Natural and side effect free remedies like hot packs and ultrasounds may be also taken to help sooth and break down the adhesions, but a rehabilitation program of specific exercises professionally devised by a qualified therapist is the single most effective treatment for a faster and permanent recovery.

Like for all shoulder disorders, a Frozen Shoulder implies the systematic use of anti inflammatories. Medicines do have effect for a while, providing temporary relief, but they also lead to dependency with all the consequences of their side effects, because they do not tackle the problem at the root, and should be taken only as part of a shoulder disorder rehabilitation strategy.

On the contrary, an Adhesive Capsulitis physical therapy program is the single most effective treatment for a natural and faster recovery from a Frozen Shoulder, helping restore the rotator cuff to the flexible mechanism it was before and recover shoulder functionality and full range of movement.

A Frozen Shoulder can take up to 2 years or more to resolve. If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from an Adhesive Capsulitis, do not hesitate to check this adhesive capsulitis physical therapy program. It could save you months of further misery. Check out this adhesive capsulitis physical therapy program now.

Check out this adhesive capsulitis physical therapy.

Adhesive capsulitis physical therapy.

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