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Myths About Smoking Side Effects

In the ’60s, cigarette providers were broadcasting TV ads with charming people who smoked after dinner. It was a time when it is believed that traditional cigarettes make you sexy, help you relax. Today, the promotion of cigarettes by the media was forbidden, however, according to statistics, every year there are at least one million […]

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Myths about morphine (Life before death Pt 1)

Addictive drug or pain reliever? The misconceptions people have about morphine have prevented many patients from benefiting from pain relief drugs like morph… Video Rating: 0 / 5

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There Are Many Myths About Painkillers, Especially Strong Painkillers Such As Morphine.

by FTGRF photography It is not that hard to imagine that folks nowadays has received a tendency to obtain addicted to painkillers. Heroin & cocaine have killed individuals for a very long period of time, now painkillers have taken the function. Painkiller addiction commenced not too long ago & slowly and gradually its turning out […]

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Morphine: Myths and Reality

by sister_morphine420 Article by Nathan Goldstein, MD The mere mention of “Morphine” can be enough to conjure up all sorts of negative thoughts in patients and their family members. Some people may be afraid of becoming a drug addict while others may think that only people who are ready to die should take Morphine. Doctors, […]

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