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Rehabilitation After Ankle Sprain – Exercise Examples

Although an ankle sprain is a common injury and many people would consider it of minor concern, without adequate care, it can result in chronic joint instability. That is why it is important that the early treatment of ankle sprains be followed by proper rehabilitation. Many people who have had an ankle sprain injury still […]

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Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises | Part 3 | Shoulder Surgery Rehab Examples | Colorado

(http://drmillett.com) Dr. Peter J. Millett is a Vail, Colorado orthopedic shoulder surgeon in private practice with the Steadman Clinic. He is an expert in … REMADE BY JOSHUABEATZZ ORIGINALLY PROD. BY @BezzLuciano EMAIL ME FOR BEATS ; J.Olusola1@gmail.com TWITTER ; @Joshuabeatzz.

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